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About me

 "Well I'm Nicole and I have decided to start my home base bakery/catering business. I have always had a passion for cooking & baking, and all things creative. I am debuting my gourmet cupcakes and will soon debut other sweets, event catering services, & even a lunch menu! That'll be happening in the months to come, that is the goal! 

 My daughters; Monika (12) and Mariyah (5), are a big help when it comes to creating different cake flavors, icings, and themes. *Fun Fact: when my oldest was a baby, I would make her cupcakes on each day she turned a month older and as she got bigger she would want to help me make those cupcakes. Now today she's giving me tips! Lol! I love it. My youngest just loves to eat sweets lol! She's a big help as well because she will definitely let me know if something doesn't taste right lol. Finally shout out to my husband, Will, who is my biggest fan and gave me that extra push I needed to do what I always love to do, love you boo! Thank you!

 Now let the journey of Dee☆Lish Sweets begin! Join Me!"

  -Nicole (Nikki) McDuffie   

My Mission

 My mission is to create the most scrumptiously deliciously made cupcakes you have ever had! My specialty icing is to die for... it is rich, smooth, and creamy but not too sweet. My moist cake recipe will just melt in your in mouth! I most definetely cook and bake with love, so be prepared to fall in love with Dee☆Lish sweets!

 Now I know your asking yourself so its Dee☆Lish  sweets but you only make cupcakes? I choose to start with my cupcake brand first because I want to pace myself and focus on presenting to you my take of a good quality cupcake. I will eventually branch into other desserts/sweets, lunches, catering services and more. However, do not hesitate to send me a request of what you would like to try from me and I'll make that order free of charge!  :) 

-Bottom Line-

Click on the shop tab and check out all the deliciously themed cupcakes or create your own from my list of flavorful, creamy icings to cake flavors from dutch chocolate to blueberry lemon! 


*Delivery is available see My Policy for details*