My Policy

 All orders require a 30% deposit of total cost.  This amount is applied to total balance due and is non-refundable if you decide to cancel. Payment in full, is due 24 hours prior to delivery/pick up.
 All orders require a minimum of $30 for delivery. Just let me know 3 days in advance.

 Pick up policy: Dee☆Lish sweets responsibility ends when the product is accepted and leaves the premises. You will have to text me your order confirmation to receive pick up location.  

Delivery policy: As I stated, all orders *Must be $30 or more for delivery* (with the exception of  promo deals).  You must live within a 30mi distance from south St. Louis city (63118)

Delivery fee-  I charge a fee of .48cent/mile 

  Thank you for your business and support!